In 2014, a group of Danish companies began the development of a new motor system for electric and hybrid vehicles in collaboration with Aalborg University. The goals were to improve both efficiency, performance and range. Today, CIPED is a group of partners committed to gain the maximum potential of the key technologies defining the project.

The development work is taking place within the project CIPED (Compact Intelligent Powerful Electric Drivetrain for EVs) that was started in 2014, and it concerns two major technologies, one being the  switched reluctance machine (SRM) that has not yet been taken to heart by the auto industry, or any other industry, although it is in use. Even though the switched reluctance machine is not as widespread as conventional machine types, it brings obvious advantages compared to the more commonly used technologies.

The second technology which is developed within the CIPED project is an active damping system for vehicles. This system utilizes the Magnetic Lead Screw (MLS) as the core component for achieving the high efficiency and fast response necessary for energy harvesting from road irregularities and increased comfort for vehicle passengers.

Robust, energy dense and cost efficient

The specific topology of the CIPED switched reluctance machine is based on a patent from 2001. It has since been tested and refined, and today a second version of the topology is realized. The newest generation has increased specific power and larger power density, and the efficiency is high over a broad range of operation points.

High efficiency and fast response

The CIPED active damper is developed using the MLS technology, which is a linear to rotary magnetic gear which has proven to gain high shear force capability compared to ordinary linear machines. Combined with a torque dense Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine (PMSM), the developed prototype is able to capture the energy normally wasted by ordinary dampers of a vehicle suspension, and even deliver better comfort for vehicle passengers due to a fast response of the active damper.

The prototype has been tested and verified in the laboratory and is about to be installed in a vehicle for real road testing.

Briefly about the partners

The CIPED project is a collaboration between both small and large Danish companies, and every partner has key competences of great value to the project. You can read much more about the partners here.

Funding partners

CIPED is financially supported by the Danish Energy Agency under their Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Programme. All of this helps create several advantages for both the car manufacturers as well as the users.